Welcome to Naab Design! Naab Design is home to unique pieces of Persian art from up-and-coming designers worldwide. Our platform provides artists with the opportunity to turn their designs into affordable and accessible products for our customers. 


Our home décor items are influenced by Persian traditions, along with the eclectic nature of middle-eastern art. Persian art combines bold colors, a great mix of textures, and detailed work. This has inspired our designers to team with us to create unique pieces to help decorate your home.

Persian Mugs

We offer ceramic mugs, complete with quirky designs featuring calligraphy and influential icons representing Persian history and culture. These make ideal Persian gifts for loved ones looking to get in touch with traditions and culture or simply for an original addition to their kitchen.

Persian Calligraphy Art

Persian calligraphy art is one of the most revered throughout history due to the required talent and diligence it takes to produce. Several modern artists have adopted a combination of traditional Persian art and external influences in their designs of Persian-style home décor.

Persian calligraphy artwork is genuinely like no other artwork available today and will add a unique and relaxed vibe to your home. Our inspiring pieces highlight beautiful examples of Persian calligraphy, combined with a contemporary and fun feel.