5 Ways to Incorporate Persian Home Décor in Your Home

5 Ways to Incorporate Persian Home Décor in Your Home

Persian art comes from ancient traditions packed with rich Iranian history – starting in the Achaemenid Empire c. 550 BCE and continuing to modern times.

You can add a taste of this popular Persian design style to your home décor as a way to combine modern style with traditional art. This creates a unique look designed by artisans all over the world.

Many décor items incorporate Persian art using different mediums. Some examples of common Persian art are:

  • Rock Art
  • Bright and Bold Textiles
  • Painted Ceramics
  • Shaped Metalwork
  • Paintings and Illustrations
  • Calligraphy in Books and Art

How You Can Create a Personalized Persian Home Design

Incorporating Persian home design styles is a great way to make your home both unique and filled with the rich history of Iran. By decorating your home with different pieces, you keep Persian culture alive – and support the art of others.

What defines Persian art is its bright colors, geometric shapes, and creative designs. Persian design also often incorporates Persian calligraphy – a revered form of art that takes great discipline and practice.

Modern artists use Persian styles on Persian home décor items like Persian wall art, colorful throw pillows, styled carpets, and more to bring Iran’s history to your home.

Persia is especially known for its textiles, so the use of rugs, curtains, pillows, and clothing around your home will bring out a more traditional Persian look.

5 Persian Home Décor Ideas for Your Home

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate Persian home designs in your home:


1. Creating a Persian Living Room Design

Living room essentials include seating, tables, lighting, and wall art. Persian design can add flavor to each of these pieces by adding a pop of color and personalized calligraphy.

Throw pillows and blankets add both comfort and color to sofas and chairs. These range from more traditional designs to modern renditions. Persian design pairs best with solid black, white, or gray sofas. 

Traditional designs are filled with calligraphy and muted colors of black, white, and brown – reflecting the mediums of rock art, ancient paper, and metals. Modern designs incorporate brighter colors and abstract shapes.

You can add a subtle Persian touch to your entertainment stands, side tables, and coffee table with flower pots and ceramics – fashioned after the traditional look of Persian design. Adding a bright, bold flower to the pots reflects that unique Persian style.

Persian artwork can be displayed in your Persian living room design through captivating wall art that displays the rich culture of Iran. Adding personalized calligraphy to the artwork helps you tell a story to visitors in your home.

2. Using Ceramics for a Persian Kitchen Design

Persian ceramics are a perfect complement to any kitchen design. From traditional pots and vases to modern mugs – there is a medium for everyone’s personalized style.

The Persian images and calligraphy printed on mugs tell a story, reflect someone’s personality, and share the beauty of an ancient culture. These make great gifts for others, or you can use them for your favorite morning coffee.

3. Adding Textiles and Books for a Persian Style Bedroom 

Persian bedroom décor can also include throw pillows and blankets designed with the bold colors of Persian art – such as bright reds, deep blues, striking purples, and captivating yellows. 

Some other great Persian bedroom ideas are potted plants and/or traditional wall art.

Cover your floor with a bright rug to complete your Persian bedroom décor – along with thick drapes over your windows that match the color scheme of the other décor items.

Adding a stack of books about Persian history and culture to your nightstand will round out your unique design. It is also a way to educate yourself on Iran’s rich history. These books can inspire more Persian bedroom ideas.

4. Hanging Persian Artwork on Bland Walls

Furniture and textiles aren’t the only places for Persian artwork. Artists also print artwork on canvases to hang around your home as wall art. This is a great way to add color and personality to your hallways – which are often left bland and dark.

Popular Persian artwork is filled with designs closely packed together in a way that draws in the eye. The bright colors and geometric shapes weave the designs into a soothing pattern.

Artists most commonly use plants in Persian artwork. They will sometimes include animals as well – usually using them to frame a design. Very rarely do artists incorporate the image of people in traditional Persian art. 

While artists don’t use people in traditional art very often, illustrators will use figures in books – which are filled with characters to help the text come alive with movement and illustrate the message.

Adding calligraphy to your wall art with a personalized message is a unique way to greet visitors as they walk through your front door. It will also give you a conversation piece. The artwork tells visitors about Persian culture and the values projected through the writing.

5. Personalizing Artwork through Persian Calligraphy

Persian Calligraphy began in ancient Iran around the 7th century. Calligraphers adapted it from the Arabic alphabet into a unique Persian art form. Through the centuries, calligraphers and artists transformed this traditional form of writing into what is used in postmodern art. 

Some of the most famous Calligraphic styles are:

  • Taliq
  • Nastaliq
  • Naskh
  • Thulth
  • Reqa
  • Tawqi
  • Shekasteh
  • Kufic

Nastaliq is the most popular of the calligraphy styles because of its beautiful, sweeping appearance – and complex structure.

These unique styles of writing combine the history of Iran with the beauty of Persian artwork. Calligraphers used calligraphy in religious writings to add beauty to otherwise simple artwork – and to embellish objects such as ceramics and architecture.

You can find traditional and modern calligraphy on any décor item from artwork to clothing. It tells a story, reflects traditional values, and adds a unique design aspect to your home décor.

Find Unique Persian Style Home Décor

Persian design styles are as unique as the artist who creates them. There are dozens of artists bringing the tradition of Persian design to the world. 

You can incorporate many aspects of Iran’s rich history in your own home through dazzling displays of wall art, bold-patterned pillows and blankets, and traditional art on ceramic. 

These home décor items will make your house stand out because of its creative design and display of culture.