How To Invite Persian Design Into Your Home

How To Invite Persian Design Into Your Home

Persian design is truly an ancient style ethos that has stood the test of time. Persia no longer exists in terms of a country or kingdom. However, Persian lifestyle, music, art, fashion, décor, and culture is very much alive across the countries that Persia had an impact on. Namely, their type of interior design that you would most recognize as being of Persian descent is found in Iran, but you also see Persian influence in Armenia and Azerbaijan to name a few. What makes Persian home décor stand out is its elegance. It's also mysterious, as it's the kind of style you imagine of a King or Queen whose kingdom is so vast that his décor must comprise the coast, lush green terrain, and the desert. Let’s explore Persian design together.

The Elements of Persian Design

Every interior design style has key features that make it stand out. The contemporary style has nice neat and long lines. It uses neutrals and modern materials like steel, copper, glass, fiberglass, etc. Persian design also has a few key features that you’ll be able to recognize again and again, once you know what they are.

Ruby red

Perhaps the most frequent color you will see is the famous ruby red. This luscious color is a full-bodied passionate kiss of Persia. It's sensual, beautiful, and incredibly versatile. You’ll see ruby red in Persian area rugs, in paintings, Persian wall art, and seating to name a few. 

Sandy beige

Persia is of course an area of the world where there are vast deserts. When the midday sun hits the sand dunes Dasht-e Naomid or Dasht-e Lut, a beautiful beige color bathes the landscape. You’ll see this sandy beige in seating, throws, rugs, carpets, and in the choice of lampshades.

Mesmerizing patterns

Perhaps the most telling of all Persian design elements, is the incredible patterns that are seen on rugs, cushions, sofa pillows, throws, etc. Persian design taught the world how beautiful geometry in decor could be. It involves swirling and crisscrossing patterns that are drenched in turquoise, oranges, yellows, and of course, red. 


Turquoise is another color that is often seen in Persian interior design. It's much-loved for its charm, elegance, and most importantly because it symbolizes paradise. Persia i.e. Iran has access to the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, and the Caspian Sea. Its hot climate and exotic waters create this amazing turquoise bluish-green around its coasts. 

Modern Persian Design

The most accessible way to introduce Persian design into your home is with Persian wall art. Our Persian wall art, ‘You Are Here’ is written in amazing calligraphy with the classic sandy beige running through the middle and the orange/brown color, almost like wet clay, as the main focal point. It's on a wooden canvas made of birch, which is sourced only from sustainable Canadian forests. The print is made locally in Montreal. This means that it's easy to care for, using dry wiping. However, to maintain the quality of the print, try not to touch it. Covering it with glass is recommended. 

Another example is one of our most popular. Known as the ‘Goldfish’, one can see two beautiful goldfish swimming down below in a classic Persian window frame design. The deep rich orange color is striking, and the turquoise blue shining in the background sends your imagination to a patio or terrace in the grandness of ancient Persia. It's something you could hang in your hallway or foyer to draw attention to your style and taste.

Décor Items

If you want décor items such as sofa pillows, Naab’s modern Topaz Flower sofa pillow makes for a great addition to your living room. If you would like to send someone a Persian gift, this is something you can give them as an introduction to the style. The fabric is stretchy and breathable, with a linen feel. The bright green, turquoise, yellowish, and spots of red make this a statement item. It will draw your guests' attention toward wherever it is placed. 

For a modern take on an ancient design, look at the Ring All-Over sofa pillow. Its resonating black calligraphy in Persian and its beautifully drawn pink flowers are classic Persia brought into the modern-day. Pink flowers were much-loved in the Persian kingdoms of old. Their beauty was revered by both Kings and Queens, and their popularity remains almost untouchable in today’s Iran as well. 

An Introduction

If you would like a modern introduction to Persian interior design style, then smaller items that we use every day are for you. Take a look at our Siyah Mashq coffee mug. The Persian calligraphy is a great talking point with guests and friends. 

As mentioned above, the love of pink flowers in the Persian culture is strong. That’s why we made a mug with ruby red and pink roses called the Rose Glossy Ceramic Mug. This is the mug that you will want to protect from stains more than most. The smooth high-quality finish maintains the design on the mug’s exterior so, after countless washes, it will still remain as eye-catching as when you bought it.


If you would like to know more about Persian design and modern Persian décor, then contact us today with any questions you may have. Let Persia enter your home and your heart!